A Smile Goes A Long Way

There are so many people who go through the day without anyone smiling at them. You may say, so what! Well, a smile is a sign of encouragement. When a person smiles at another person it’s like saying, “I’m with you,” “I’m for you,” “I’m on your side.”

It gives that person  emotional support, which gives them strength. It’s like saying, “You’re not alone.”  “I see you.”

There is a song written by Diane Eve Warren called “When I See You Smile.” 

“When I see you smile I can face the world.

Oh oh, you know I can do anything when I see you smile.

I see a ray of light, Oh oh, I see it shining right through the rain.

When I see you smile Oh yeah, baby when I see you smile at me.”

No one knows what a person may be going through at any given point in their life. Many people can hide it from the world to see. It could be the person sitting next to you in school or a neighbor or even your friend. But we shouldn’t have to know what a person is feeling for us to do the right thing, and that is to acknowledge a person by a simple smile. There are so many people committing suicide because they have lost all hope. What if someone would have just given that person a smile?  A smile would have said, “It’s OK,  there is always hope. There will be a tomorrow. Someone sees you, I see you.” The song goes on to say,  

“Sometimes I want to give up. I want to give in, I want to quit the fight and then I see you baby and everything’s alright, everything’s alright.”

If you are reading this and this is how you feel, know this, that God sees you and His face is shining upon you. There is a blessing that God spoke to His priests, and He told them how to bless the people. “ May the Lord  smile down on you and show you His kindness. May the Lord answer your prayers  and give you peace.”

 There is nothing hidden from God’s sight. There is nothing that He does not hear or know. God loves us and that is why He created us to smile, because He knew that a smile would bring healing and hope and strength to those who were in need of these things. A simple smile can go a long way. Why not try it, it really won’t hurt to crack a smile to someone you do not know. Maybe that person will lift up his head and thank God for you.  When I see you smile I can face the world! It’s a nice thought for a simple action.

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