Are You A Hypocrite?

Have you ever met anyone or maybe even you, that has problems expressing themselves?  They just can’t find the words to say, words to express their feelings. You may say that they are anti-social. You may say that they think they are better than anyone else because they do not socialize. You may find that these people are the class clown or even trouble maker. They may be bullied or laughed at because of it. But did you ever think that they may have a problem with words? It’s not that they wouldn’t  love to be part of the in crowd or even have a friend or even someone to talk to. So they get lost in themselves. They take their troubles and keep them inside of themselves. We are supposed to love one another, even though we think they are unlovable. We talk about justice, we talk about equity, we talk the talk but we do not do anything about what we talk about. No one should be bullied. No one should be laughed at. No one should be excluded. Yet, we do exclude and laugh and talk about people who we think are weird or strange or different. We are the hypocrites.  We protest and we stand for injustice and we are the ones who are guilty because we bully and gossip and laugh and ignore others because they do not think like us or look like us or act like us.  Many people have problems expressing themselves. Many people have social disorders, many people have hurts so deep down inside them that they can not even tell other people about it. A little kindness goes a long way. But I know if you help one of these kind of people then you will be excluded. You will be laughed at. You will be bullied. So what! If you believe in something then practice it, but if you only talk the talk and not walk the talk, then you really don’t believe in what you say or what you stand for. You need to look into the mirror and see the truth about yourself. Justice only comes when we do the right thing. Equality only comes when we make all people equal. Equity only comes when we give a hand up to another. Don’t just follow a crowd, but be an example. Talk is cheap action is worth its weight in gold. But first we must understand that everyone is different. Everyone has some kind of issue that they are dealing with. There was an old saying that said, “To understand me, walk a mile in my shoes.” You know that person that you think is stuck up or anti-social or even strange, well I say, get into their shoes and find out what lies underneath the surface. Be a friend not an enemy, love and do not hate. Be kind instead of being mean and you may find a wealth of gold and a new friend. Some day you will be glad that you reached out a hand to someone who never thought that anyone would ever do such a thing. You will be a better person for it and so will your new friend.

Take it slow, my friend, because those who have been alone for so long may not know how to react to someone who actually cares.

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