Does God Exist?

So many people today do not believe in God. For one main reason, because people today do not want to live by God’s ways. So, if enough people say that He does not exist, then people begin to think it’s true. And if we teach it, then it must be true. Yale university was founded in the 1700’s by Christian ministers. The Puritans began Harvard University in the 1600’s and Princeton University  was also started by Christians and so many other colleges and universities..

So what happened? Well, we have allowed it because we have not stopped it. 

So the question remains. Does God exist? There was a philosophical statement made by George Berkely in the 18th Century  that asked this question,

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

This is true of God. Just because we do not see God does that mean He does not exist? This is true of many things in life. We could doubt all of history  because we were not there to live it. This would only make us cynical and weak in character, because so much in life has to do with faith. We must believe that 2 plus 2 really equals 4, because if we start to say it equals 5, then we begin to lose our foundation to life. We must trust those who came before us, and established such known facts to be true. If one thing that has been established is incorrect, then all things must be incorrect, and that leads to the destruction of the universe. Physics and math and every discovery ever made would have to be questioned. Life is about faith, and faith is about believing. This is the basis for all relationships. Without trust we would all have to live apart from each other. These are the building blocks for humanity to survive. If we just looked at the world around us , the vastness of the universe, the complexity of the human body, the awesomeness of an apple seed to reproduce another apple tree with seeds to grow another apple is mind boggling  And no explosion could have created something out of nothing. There had to be a supreme being that had such vast knowledge, and wisdom, who could not only create, but from the tiniest detail to the greatest detail was put in place to keep everything in balance. Just because we do not see God does not mean that God does not exist. He does, and the brightest mind who began our universities knew it. Shouldn’t we make our determination on what was proven to be fact?

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