Getting Nowhere Fast

Do you feel like you are going around in circles, or as they used to say, “chasing your tail”? Irving Berlin wrote this song for a movie called “Blue Skies” in 1946 and it speaks to just that. “A greyhound who had lots of speed was surely bound to fail for morning, noon and evening, he’d be chasing his own tail. A squirrel in a treadmill cage, around and ’round he’d go you’d think that he’d be in a rage, but seems he didn’t know he was running around in circles. The man who runs a carousel is often heavy-hearted he rides all day, but sad to say, he winds up where he started. So, concentrate and clear your mind of schemes that never last or you’ll wake up someday and find your chances all have passed. You’ve been running around in circles. Running around in circles getting nowhere. Getting nowhere very fast.”

This is a great song and it should speak to us about those things that we think are so important, but are not. They are things we do in life that will never give us the result that we want. They never will satisfy us or improve us in any way, and yet, we think that what we are doing is so great.  We spend all our time or even our money, just to find out in the end that we are no better off today than we were yesterday.  This is how it is when we follow the crowd or we think the world’s ways are the answer. But we quickly find out one day that we too, have been chasing our tails, just running around in circles getting nowhere. You see the things of the world are temporary, no matter who you are or when you may have lived. We all pass away,  and those things that we think were so  great also will pass away, and in the end you are left holding an empty bag. Only the things of God will remain in the end, because God is eternal, and God is the Creator of all things. It’s easy not to believe in a Creator. It is easy to deny, but in the end we all will find out that denying was easy, but reality is hard. Things just don’t come about on their own. We only know that things must have a beginning and one day everything will have an end. Why? Because everything was created by the Creator, a Supreme Being, who had no beginning nor will have no end. Everything in life has an explanation, if we know the answer or not. Things don’t just happen. Today, if you are one of those people who just don’t seems like you’re going anywhere, then stop the merry-go- round and get off. You will find your answers in God, your Creator and Father, who is waiting to reach out to you and put you on the path of life that will give you purpose and value. He will stop you from chasing after the wind. Today, purpose in your heart and pray, yes, just speak to your Father and He will hear you and grab hold of you, and help you to stop following the crowd, and stop doing what you know has not been working in your life. Seek Him, seek help and begin walking in a new direction, walking toward the God who loves you. Get on the path that leads to Him, because it does not go in circles.

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