Is Social Media Really Good For Us?


Today we have so many teens and young adults  who are suffering from all kinds of attacks on their lives. No, not physical, but emotional. If someone can get you to feel small and insufficient, then they feel  powerful and significant. We have a real problem in our society in which we must be above another, we must have power over another, we must conquer at all costs. This is what Social Media has created. What we have done is create a monster. We are against bullying, and yet we create a platform for bullying. This country,  more and more, is against freedom of speech and yet Social Media is open to any kind of speech, hate speech, violence speech, speech that  leaves people  insecure and depressed and feeling all alone. Social Media in many ways is good, but not when it is used as a weapon, not when it ruins peoples’ lives or  causes someone to commit suicide. We can not create a hostile society. People fight internet wars for all to read and even take part in. Someone needs to be a peacemaker. When you see bullying online, step up and be a peacemaker, a friend, even if you do not know the person, stand with them, because one day it could be you, and you would want someone to stand with you. Always look for the good in someone. Always stand with the underdog, as they say. Be a champion for those who may be different in the eyes of those who think they are high and mighty. Yes, you may also become a victim, but you will have the satisfaction that you have done a good deed by not allowing someone to stand alone. Today we are not in the business of doing good deeds. It seems to be a lost virtue. What will people say if you help an elderly person, or a handicapped person, or even one who is not like the social elites? We all have faults, we all have a handicap of some sort. No one is perfect, No one! If you have found that Social Media causes you to be depressed or feeling inadequate or sad, then do not go on being part of it. No one should take their life because someone thinks you are one way or another. This is true for those who go to school and are bullied by a certain group of people or you go to work and you do not measure up to the social butterflies there. There is more to life than what someone thinks you ought to be. Just be yourself and know that God loves you. Before He created the world He knew you and loved you, and no one can get higher or mightier than God. So today if you have thoughts of suicide, let go of the thought, and think on this, I am not going to give anyone the satisfaction of me committing suicide or changing who I am, because I am me and I am who I am and there is no other person I need to satisfy except myself. I am loved by no one greater than my Creator and His love surpasses anything in this world. I tell you, you can be strong and you can be determined if you know that God the Almighty stands with you. Today you may not be bullied, and so you may not be able to relate to how that feels, but you can stand with one who is being hurt every day by words that hurt, and defend those who are weak and depressed and need a friend. You will feel better about yourself, and you will make someone feel wanted and needed, and you will give them a purpose for living. One day you may need a friend, and you will have a friend in the one you gave a helping hand to.

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