Rules To Play By

Every sport has its rules. The players know these rules, and when they break a rule the team is penalized. This keeps the game fair and orderly.

Every town and county, and state, and even country, has its rules or laws, it’s all the same. We all know them, at least we should know the laws where we live, and when we break the law, we are fined, or even put on trial, and maybe put in jail. This keeps the peace, and stops chaos from breaking out. For the most part we are accustomed to having some form of rules or laws, which in many ways, keeps us disciplined, and orderly, to maintain a civil society. Rules have been in place for centuries, in fact, laws have been in place since the world was created, like the laws of physics, and the laws of motion, and light,  and all of those laws that keep the world from spinning out of control.  Can you imagine if every week the rules were changed? You wouldn’t know if you were coming or going. You would not know what was right and what was wrong. You would live in a state of confusion. Unless of course, you were constantly being told the changes day after day or week after week. Well, this is what is going on in society today. You can’t say this any more. You can’t do that any more. Today you are called this, and tomorrow you are called that. Life becomes confusing and complicated and chaotic. Try playing any sport where the rules are changing even in the middle of the game. One minute a word means this, and the next minute the word means that. Two plus two no longer equal four, now it equals five. We need to get back to what we know has worked for thousands of years, and that is God’s laws, His Ten laws or rules called Commandments. They have been tried and tested, and they have been found to be the best way to keep society going forward. They start by putting God first, nothing wrong with that, who else knows the beginning from the end? Loving our parents. Why not, without them we would not be here. God is our heavenly Father, and we should take time to love and worship, and respect, Him. Don’t kill or steal, we have so much lawlessness today, because we do not keep this rule. Don’t commit adultery. Now that makes sense, would you like to have someone cheating on you? Can you imagine playing a sport and you could not trust your teammate? Do not lie, especially when it will bring harm to an innocent person, or ruins their reputation. Now you would not like it if that happened to you. That is almost like bullying or canceling.  And when you see your neighbor or co-worker, do not envy them, or even dwell thinking about what they have that you do not have. We must learn to be thankful for what you do have, because many times you have more than what someone else may have.

Let’s live in peace and harmony by playing by the rules. Even life is a spectator sport. Parents watch their children grow up, grandparents watch their families grow, and when everyone is playing by the rules, then everyone wins.

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