To Vote or not to Vote

The question is, why vote? The answer is, why not?  Young adults seem to have a problem when it comes to voting. I think it is because everyone is telling them to vote and everyone is telling them who to vote for.  I guess if you look at voting as a spectator sport you may say it is all a scam. You may be right about that, but you have to ask yourself, why do we vote? In so many countries people are forced to vote a certain way or else there is big trouble for them. Other countries vote, but then the count is altered. In America we have free elections. Well, at least we are supposed to have free elections, that means we can vote for whomever we please without retaliation. But elections and politics aren’t always fair. It’s not like watching professional boxing, it may be more like watching professional wrestling. Years ago wrestling was more scripted for entertainment, with people like the Crusher and Hulk Hogan. According to Clock Tower, “It’s no secret that professional wrestling matches aren’t legitimate contests. They are more like choreographed performances. Professional wrestlers are athletes playing characters and following storylines for an audience. However, more work goes into this industry than many expect.” Well, that is politics in a nutshell. And yet, to vote is a very important part of our freedoms here in America. So why is it that many young adults and older teens do not get involved in the process of voting and exercising one of our great freedoms? Fewer than half of Americans ages 18-29 voted in 2016. Yet, we see these same people out in the streets protesting one thing or another. In 2022 just the opposite, a near record number of young voters showed up and decided many key races.  The question is, “How informed are our young voters, let alone any voter? In today’s America, whoever has the money usually has their information campaign front and center, more ads, more rallies, more air time on the radio and t.v. Oh, and there is that misinformation campaign. Politics is a dirty business and if you can smear your opponent then you gain votes. So how can one know the truth from a lie?  Deception goes deep and wide and it can affect the hearts and minds of many. It can be very destructive and can even take down a country. We have a duty to our country and to each other to investigate and dig deep to find truth, because when we do then we will all prosper and we all will live free. Ask yourself today, am I better off today than I was four years ago? You may say four years ago I was still in school or living with my parents. Well, then how is life today for you? It’s not about one big issue that should make you vote one way or another, it has to be life itself. Today, will you be able to live the American dream of freedom and prosperity? Will you be able to get a job that will pay you a reasonable wage where you can afford a home or even an apartment and still buy groceries and go out on the town? Are you able to drive a car and fill it up when need be? You see, You can decide the future of America. Will it be free and affordable, or will you live a life of just protesting where there is no future in it? When you look at the history of America you can only see one thing and that God’s hand was in the birth of this nation. God brought us through despite that not everything was perfect. We had to learn and grow like we all had to learn and grow, but today we have freedoms that many people do not have and we should protect those freedoms. Let this election be about you and your life and how free you are to live it the way you choose.

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