We Need Each Other 

Do you feel that people do not see you? Do you feel like people do not hear you? Maybe you feel like you’re alone?  So many people feel like this today.  Even though we are always on social media, posting and texting one another, we have lost our perspective on being human. It’s like we live in a world of Artificial Intelligence. There is no warmth or human love. We can not enjoy each other’s company and closeness, if we are not physically engaging in each other’s presence. Social media causes us to lose sight of reality, because we are not there to share the experience. Friends lose their attachments to each other, and friendships take on a whole new meaning of one’s clicks or comments. Emoji have replaced real smiles. We need to get back to living life. When we had to wear masks during the pandemic, we lost that facial interaction that we so need to feel emotions. Every person has worth and no person is worth more than another. Let’s stop following the crowd. Let’s stop listening to the negative talk about each other. Let’s treat each person as a gift, because that is what we are, a gift from God. My life is just as important as yours, and so I must treat you as one who is important, just as important as me. We all live on this planet and we must all live together, all on the same level as each other. No one is greater.  No one is lesser. No one is more important. No one is less important. We are all part of the Human Race, we are all brothers and sisters, the children of God. Today, go to someone and tell them that they are important to you, and that you are glad they are in your life. Then tell yourself that you are glad that you are alive, and that your life is important, because if you were not here then the world would be left without the light that you shine and the gifts that you give. Everyone can give at least one gift, and that is the gift of your smile.

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