What is it Worth?

Did you ever wonder what you are worth?  What would a person pay for you if you were for sale? Would someone pay for your friendship? Would someone pay for your life? You know we all have worth, everyone of us. You may say,  “Yea! a doctor or a scientist maybe, but I have nothing special to offer. I’m not very smart. I am not very good looking. I’m not even outgoing.”  But I am here to tell you that you are so wrong. Everyone likes a story so let me tell you one. There was a man who created toys. He had very expensive toys that people would collect, and put on shelves for all to see, and he also had everyday toys, affordable for those who could not afford to pay  much money. He even had toys that he could not throw away even though they had flaws. People from all over the world would come to his toyshop to buy his toys. Not too far away from his store was an orphanage. When the children were able to go out, they would all run to his store to look inside the window. They all would say to one another, if only I could buy this toy or that toy. Then they would walk back to the orphanage and dream of what they had just seen. The months came and went and many of these children never were adopted, but they never gave up hope that one day they too would have parents that would buy them one of those toys in the window. Well, sure enough, one day a very rich man came to the orphanage, because he loved children so much.  They did not realize that this man was a king from another country.  He knew every child’s name.  The children were amazed and full of wonder. He opened a large bag, and do you know what was inside of it? Yes, all kinds of toys, and he handed them out to everyone. He not only gave everyone a toy, but he adopted every child in the orphanage. He became their father and He gave them his name. Now all of these boys and girls became children of the king and citizens of his kingdom, and they lived happily ever after. You may say that this is a little kid’s story, but I tell you this story in many ways is a true story.

Yes, we do have  worth. There was one man who paid the ultimate price for us, each one of us, because He so loved us that He paid the price with His own life.

He came and gave each one of us gifts, and like the story  we too are all orphans in one way or another, but this man  has adopted each one of us  as His children and He has given us His name. Now we have all become citizens of His kingdom.  Yes, this man exists and His name is Jesus! Jesus has bought each one of us  as 

1 Peter 1:18-19 says,  “You know that in the past the way you were living was useless. It was a way of life you learned from those who lived before you. But you were saved from that way of living. You were bought, but not with things like gold or silver.  You were bought with the precious blood of Jesus.” Today, consider yourself a person who has worth, for God who created you, loves you so much that He was willing to die for you. That is what He thinks you are worth.                                                    

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