What Is The Purpose?

This is the question of the day, what is the purpose of all of this protesting?

Why do we call good evil and evil good? Our country used to be a Judeo- Christian country, but today we are neither. We have become so radical in our thinking. Our purpose in life seems to be about everything but life. Our college campuses have walked away from learning to become nothing other than activists. Other countries are leaving us in the dust. We are spending more time on how we should identify people or what we should do and not do to satisfy our ideologies, than to actually learn to become a society that can compete with the rest of the world in jobs and advancements to better life. Our idea of life today is to put everyone in  a box like clones. We do not have diversity or free thought. We have become puppets of those who pull our strings and cause us to think and act and talk as they would have us to do. So I ask, “What is the purpose of life, if in actuality, our lives have become nothing more than this?” America used to be the light to the world. We used to be the helping hand to those around the world. Everyone turned to America to make their lives better. Today all we want is climate change and equity and hate, because of those who tell us how to think and act. But in reality all of this is just a front for their real goal, which is a one world order, where everyone will become a puppet on the string and they will be the puppet masters. So they start with those who are in our schools and colleges and universities, those who have not had much experience in life, and those who did not live during America’s golden years, when we lived under prosperity and freedom. And we were the ones who ran to the aid of this world, to uplift the poor and downtrodden. The world is laughing at America, because we lifted everyone up just to bring ourselves down, and now there is no one who will come to our rescue, because we have become weak and feeble and quite frankly blinded to the truth. The riots and protests of the 60’s really never left us. Yet, those who protested and rioted found that life in America was a good thing, and they made money on their songs and they enjoyed the prosperity of America. They found that of all the countries in the world, America was still the best. People have faults, countries have faults, and for thousands of years no one has been able to change this, yet America was able to rise above it and bring some good to the world, why because of our Judeo-Christian beliefs. Our belief in the One True God. We were a people, Jew and Christian alike, who tried to live by a moral code and a faithful God blessed us. But we have turned our backs on God and His moral code and today we call good evil and evil good. Today we call death to God’s people and to this country whom God gave birth to and to His land Israel. We will surely reap what we have sown and we have begun to see this as we continue on a downward trend. But know this, the world will not come to our rescue. No, only when we look up and call on the One True God, when we repent and humble ourselves will God put out His hand and pick us up. So what is the purpose of all these protests? It’s nothing more than the ruination of this country by people who hate God. And I tell you this, it is working!

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