The Fact Of The Matter.

Hello, My name is El Shaddai, 

some know Me as Elohim and some as God the Father.

Many people do not believe that I exist.

Many people do not believe that I am the Creator of all things, seen and unseen.

Many people curse My Name.

Hello, My name is the Word of God.

Many people think that I am a lie.

Many people think that those who believe in what I say are deceived. 

Many people believe that men wrote my words, and they were not inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Hello, My name is Commandment.

Many people do not believe that they need to keep me.

Many people feel that I was done away with.

Many people feel that I am the Law and today we are not under the Law.

Many people walk contrary to me, because they feel they do not need a guardian.

Hello, My name is the Holy Spirit.

People think that I am like those who practice witchcraft, because of the gifts I give to those who are born of Me.

Many people think that they are born of Me, yet they live like the world and talk like the world and they are not set apart in holiness. I am the Holy Spirit and those who walk by My ways and live by Me, I make  holy and set apart, when they are truly born of Me. I convict people of their sins, and bring them to repentance. I am also truth and truth sets you free.

Hello, My name is Yeshua.

Many people do not know Me by My real name.

They do not know that My real name means Salvation.

Many people think they know Me, but they do not know Me in truth.

I want to tell you the truth.

I am the Word of God. I am God.  Because the world was created by speaking it into existence, I am the Creator.  I was the same yesterday, as I will be tomorrow, as I am today. I came to this earth as a Jew, from the tribe of Judah.  I worshiped as a Jew. I dressed as a Jew. I ate kosher and I kept all of the Father’s Appointed Times. I, even I, am the Lord of the 7th day Sabbath.

I did not begin a new religion, nor did I nullify, not even one jot or tittle of the Word of God. In fact, I expanded the commandments. I am the fulfillment of the Word of God, because I am the Word of God. I am the Alpha and the Omega, that means that I am the beginning and the end, which means that I am the first word that was written to the last word that was written. That means that even the space between each letter is all about Me. 

I died and shed My blood  for the forgiveness of sin.

I rose from the grave victoriously, so that those who believe may have eternal salvation in Me.

I am the Good Shepherd and those who are My sheep hear My voice and follow Me. How do they follow you ask? They keep My Commandments. They live by My ways. I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me and yet, many people believe that there are many ways to go about salvation. 

Hello, My name is Eternal Life.

Many people do not believe that there is life after death.

Many people believe that all people will have eternal life.

Many people believe that if they belong to one form of Chrisitanity or go to one church versus another that they will have eternal life.

Hello, my name is Sin.

Many people do not believe in me.

Many people do not know that they need to repent of me, to actually change their lives to not even include me.

Many people do not know that I separate them from the light of God, and I cause them to be turned over to the futility of their mind.

Many people do not know that if they die in me they will not have eternal life and many people do not even care.

Hello, my name is Hell.

Many people do not believe that I exist.

Many people hope that they come to stay.

Many people do not realize what I am.

They do not believe that I am the darkest of darkness. 

They do not believe that I go beyond all pain and suffering.

They do not believe that I am something they have never felt, total separation from their Creator.

Hello, I am the Devil.

Many people do not believe that I exist.

Many people do not know that I am the father of lies.

I am the master deceiver.

I am the hater of all things good.

I am he who people struggle with when they want to do good, those who want to accept truth. I am real and I want you forever.

Hello, my name is Wisdom.

Today,  do not harden your hearts but follow me. I will lead you in all truth.

I will not forsake you, or leave you, or abandon you. I tell you hold on to me and  never let me go. I will show you the way . I will show you the truth from the lie.

I am the Word of God. I am the Commandments, I am Eternal Life, I am God and I am Yeshua. I am here to save you because I am Love.

Hello, I am Salvation.

I am a free gift from God.

Many people do not accept this free gift.

Many people die without me.

Many people do not know how to receive me as a free gift.

I will tell you, if you want to know. 

Repent of your sins. Make a complete turn around in your life. Let go of the world and it’s ways.

Accept the sacrifice of Yeshua and let Him wash you clean with His life saving blood. 

Come to God in the name of Yeshua and draw near to Him washed in the blood of Yeshua. Not only begin to read the Word of God, but begin to live it out. Now that you have a relationship with the Father, come often in prayer, with thanksgiving, praising His name.

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