Is it better to bully or to cancel?

People want power, and so they must put themselves above others, to make themselves feel  powerful. But in reality they are really weak and one way they do this is by bullying. Over the years we have seen a culture of bullying. Kids being harassed for many different reasons and that is just it, because we think someone is different, then something must be wrong with that person. We all come from different family situations, lifestyles, religious beliefs, and all of that is good, because how dull life would be if we were all the same. But because someone is different than me does not mean that that person is strange, or odd, nor does it give me the right to make fun of them or shame me.  And making fun of them is mild, sometimes kids beat up those who are different. Did they ever stop to think which one of them is really the different one? We are all different in many ways. Who gets to decide what is different and who is different? Bullying has caused many to be injured and many to suffer from depression and even suicide. I ask again, who gets to decide who is different? We have made it a sport to laugh at people, and to mock them, and shame them and cause such harm. What kind of a society have we become?  Unfortunately we find this not only in our schools and places of work, but also in our churches. We have seen very little from parents to correct their child’s thinking, let alone their behavior. No, because many adults suffer from this same thing, they too like to laugh at people and mock them and humiliate them, so how can they tell their children something different. We have a culture today that says, because I am what I am, that makes you lesser than I am. I know that this is not a new problem in our society. No, it has been with us for many generations. And yet, you do not hear about it being preached in churches today. How about love thy neighbor as thyself. We have removed God from our schools and our workplaces and the marketplace and in our places of worship. Yes, even in our churches. We are to be the image of God, and yet we do not look like our Master Yeshua. We do not talk like Him or act like Him nor do we do the work of the kingdom like Him. We even have seen parents beating up other parents at sports events,  because they want their child to be the best, and to do that they have to tear down another child, and to do that it might take taking down the parents. So today society is in a downward spiral. Now we have gone from bullying to cancelling. If you do not like someone today, you just cancel them like they do not even exist.  And out of fear everyone else will do the same. They won’t laugh at you or mock you, they will act as if you were not even in the room. Talk about the cold shoulder routine. And if anyone gives you the time of day, they too, will be canceled, so out of fear they control a whole classroom or workplace or even a church body.  You saw very few stand up against the bully and even less now against those who cancel. You know they laughed at Yeshua, and they mocked Him. We even saw Peter deny Him three times, but we have to ask ourselves, if they hated Yeshua, then they will hate me, so do I want that?  If this is what you think, then you can not be a believer. You can not be a disciple. We must bring back love for one another. We must bring back not just tolerance, because we can not tolerate sin, but we must have a  spirit of kindness, and gentleness and humility, yes, we must be godly, not mean spirited. We must be light and not darkness. We must bear one another’s burdens and we must realize that we are all creations of God. Today it is going to take our teens and young adults to correct this problem.  This is not social justice. This is godliness and holiness and living peacefully with one another. Yes, we must speak out against sin and darkness, and cruelty and inhumanity, but we must also speak out the Word of God and we must choose to live by God’s ways and not man’s ways. We must be strong and courageous. standing on truth and righteousness. This is a call to the next generation. Bullying and cancelling and shaming  is not God’s way, nor is any kind of sin God’s way. We must love each other and if we differ, than in a humane way, we must speak to each other. But if we cancel speech then where does that leave us? We must have a vehicle to reach out to each other, speak to each other and learn from each other with love and kindness and gentleness and self-control. If we do not come back to God’s ways then we will be left to our own destruction. And then there will be no one to bully or cancel because God will cancel us all. Will you rise up today and make a difference? It’s now in your hands. Teens, young adults, this will soon be your generation to carry on the torch.  Will you let the problem continue or will you put a stop to this injustice,  before it takes us all down. Let’s cancel bullying and a society that cancels, and let’s all live in unity, each one different in his or her own way.

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